American Maple Museum - Croghan, NY


Memorial Day
(last Monday of May)
to June 30 Friday, Saturday & Monday
11:00AM to 4:00PM

July to early September
Daily except Sunday
11:00AM to 4:00PM

maple productsLewis County Maple Producers Association


Association Purpose:

To market the maple syrup supply and to obtain a fair price for quality maple products.

To keep maple syrup production alive in Lewis County, with the intent of educating their producers and community members about the maple syrup industry.

The members are encouraged to pass on the maple syrup making process from generation to generation.

Membership Benefits:

What can Lewis County Maple Producers Association
Do for you?

As a group we can have a voice and take a stand on environmental issues.

Requested information and currently are working on receiving assistance from several sources on the recent tent caterpillars invasion of the North Country on behalf of our members.

Constantly provides awareness of the importance of the North Country Maple Industry to local and state politicians.

Advocated for maple programs to educate producers and customers through joint efforts with the Lewis County Cooperative Extension

o Distance Learning Meetings are also available
o Winter Schools currently being planned for 2006.

Met with Dean Susan Henry from Cornell University to advise on the needs of the maple producers from the tri-county area.

Provide bulk and retail marketing opportunities and contacts for members through:

• Yonkers, NY
• Fresh off the Barge
• International Food Show at Javits Center, NY City
• Taste of NY, Syracuse
• North Country Basket Program – Jefferson County IDA
• Lewis County Fair Booth
• Representation and products at the NY State Fair Booth.

Met with Secretary of State Randy Daniels in NYC to advocate for NY Maple Syrup and North Country products to be used in city markets.

Return of the Lewis County Maple Queen program and working to enhance this program.

Supports the American Maple Museum, Croghan, NY.

Established a maple logo available for all members to use.

Produced a LCMPA Banner that is available for use to any member.

Updates and prints LCMPA brochures available to any member.

Worked with LCIDA to establish a Lewis County Maple Website with listing of members of the LCMPA which is updated annually.

Advised members of free web page design programs offered through the LCIDA.

Submitted articles on behalf of the LCMPA to the state newsletter, the Pipeline.

Keeps local media informed on the sugaring season and maple events that are happening in the maple community on behalf of our members.

Paid Membership includes membership to the NYSMPA and a subscription to both the Maple Digest and the state newsletter, the PIPELINE.

LCMPA membership provides 2 delegates to the NYSMPA directors board, advocating for local maple concerns of all producers.

Worked together with the St. Lawrence Maple Association to lobby for marketing funds for Maple Weekend acquired through assistance from Senator Wright, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, St. Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, and Jefferson County Agricultural Office.

Promotes Lewis County, on behalf of all maple producers, as one of the largest syrup producing counties in the state and nation.

Strives to increase membership in the Association, looking to new producers to carry on the tradition and to “wiser” members to advise those in the maple industry and local association.

LCMPA holds at least 2 meetings a year to inform members of recent events in the local, state and national maple industry and upcoming opportunities and events that maple producers can partake in.

Recently renovated the sugar shack at the Lewis County

Fairgrounds to enhance the selling of local Maple products especially during the Lewis County Fair.
LCMPA provides an opportunity of networking amongst local bulk and retail maple producers involved in the local industry.

Finally, provides a chance for maple producers to get together, to exchange sugaring stories. Through our visits, we continue to preserve the memories of past sugaring seasons, so that we may be able to pass the traditions on to our future!


$35.00 per year for a full member who receives the maple digest guide and also the state newsletter called the PIPELINE.

$15.00 Membership for Associate Members.

$15.00 Special/Honorary Membership category.

$1.00 Membership for those who are spouses of full members.